Ballistol Universal Oil

The truly Universal Oil - used by Engineering Companies & Gunsmiths across Europe and many household names including Coca-Cola & Heineken.
Ballistol products are environmentally friendly & kind to the skin.
Ballistol - A household name across Europe - now available to you in the UK

Ballistol Weapon Care

Ballistol gives optimum care for weapon metalwork, moving parts, wooden stocks and leather slings
Dissolves shooting residues including powder, smoke, tombac
Environmentally friendly, biodegradeable and skin-safe

Ballistol Technical Care

Ballistol's range of specialist lubricants are used in engineering companies, food and drinks manufacturing and workshops worldwide.
Our Food-Grade H1 Lubricant is used by household names including Coca-Cola and Heineken
Pluvonin Waterproofing Spray protects all materials - even breathable fabric and Gore-Tex

Ballistol Animal Oil

For the care of domestic animals including dogs, cats and horses
Keeps skin, coat, paws and hooves in healthy condition
Perfect first aid for minor cuts and irritations
All natural ingredients and safe if ingested by your animal

Welcome to Ballistol UK

We are the exclusive UK Distributors of Klever-Ballistol range of specialist oils, lubricants and protective formulations, supplying premium solutions to our trade clients in a wide range of industries. ​​
    BALLISTOL - The World’s most Universal Multi-Purpose Oil for Households, Workshops & ​Industry based on medicinally pure white oil used in the field of pharmacy.
  • The World’s Most Universal Multi-Purpose Oil for Households, Workshops & Industry, Based on Medicinally Pure White Oil to Lubricate, Penetrate, Clean, Protect & Preserve
  • In 1904 the new oil with amazing capabilities was produced and named BALLISTOL from the word ‘Ballistic’ & the Latin word for oil ‘Oleum’
  • Word soon spread and BALLISTOL was soon used by hunters, boaters, motorists, hikers & mountaineers in Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • The Universal Oil is now used worldwide for maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animal’s coat & much more
  • Now used in Households, Workshops & Industry for Handicrafts, Agriculture, Gardening, Vehicles, Fishing, Hunting and Shooting Sports etc
  • BALLISTOL is biodegradable, neither it’s use or its disposal will pollute air or water
  • BALLISTOL is used to clean, preserve, protect, prevent corrosion, maintain, impregnate and disinfect
  • BALLISTOL does not resinify unlike most other lubricants which are subject to relatively fast aging and oxidation
  • BALLISTOL H1 Food Grade Lubricant is used to maintain the machinery of famous food & drinks manufacturers & breweries across Europe.